3 WWE SmackDown Superstars who might be drafted to RAW (& 2 who might not)

WWE Draft is just a few days away and it is one of the most exciting parts of the year for any wrestling fan. Over the years, the WWE Draft has produced some major surprises. Last year, WWE pulled off a major surprise by announcing Becky Lynch as the Number one Draft pick.

This year, The Man is not available as she is currently pregnant and will probably miss out on the action until WrestleMania 37 at least. Speaking of the other Superstars on the Blue brand, there are a few Superstars who might move to RAW during the draft and two of them are guaranteed to remain on SmackDown.

AJ Syles Might go to WWE RAW

AJ Styles and Paul Heyman do not have a good relationship. His sour relation with Heyman was the reason why he moved from RAW to SmackDown. Now that Heyman is on the Blue brand and Styles’ role in the Intercontinental title picture has ended, The Phenomenal One should move to the flagship show.


Big E Might Stay on WWE SmackDown

Big E is receiving a massive push in the singles division on the Blue brand. Since he is still gaining momentum, WWE should not draft it to RAW and kill the momentum that he has by his side.

Kofi Kingston Might go to WWE RAW

Kofi Kingston is currently off WWE TV because of a kayfabe injury. Since he is such a popular babyface Superstar, WWE should try to use him on RAW as a singles star.

Roman Reigns Might Stay on WWE SmackDown

While there is a slim possibility of Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns swapping brands, FOX officials might not allow WWE to shift Reigns to the USA Network. Reigns’ heel turn has made him the #1 star of the company and he deserves to be on SmackDown.


The Fiend Bray Wyatt Might Move to WWE RAW

The Fiend Bray Wyatt will likely have a feud with Roman Reigns soon. But on the recent episode of SmackDown, he kickstarted a rivalry with Kevin Owens. Wyatt is going to appear on this week’s RAW and should stay away from the Universal title until WrestleMania season arrives.

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