WWE WrestleMania XL Predictions: 5 possible finishes to Seth Rollins vs Drew McIntyre

As the WrestleMania XL comes closer than ever, one of the biggest fights that can possibly shape up the fate of a remarkable rivalry in the forthcoming days is the contest between Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre. The title challenge will shape up the two going head on against each other and possibly whoever wins won’t simply stop. They are in for a war.

So how can it end? How must it end? Should there be an interference? Should Damian Priest look forward to the cash-in? No matter how much we think, the possibilities simply get wider. So as we look for more answers, here are five possible finishes to Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins.

#1 Drew McIntyre wins the championship from Seth Rollins

The Scottish psychopath is in the midst of some dramatic push and it is believed that this run will continue till championship. Also a heel McIntyre with the belt around his waist is simply mind-blowing. McIntyre is possibly expected to clinch the title at WrestleMania and continue the dream run that he is in the midst of despite questionable results.


#2 Seth Rollins retains the title

The Visionary pushes himself beyond the limit and eventually clinch the belt around his waist. It is going to be one explosive battle and there will be no turning around. In a contest which is more than just a bout, in a battle that will spill out into a war and most importantly in a clash that can have a main event in the forthcoming year’s WM, Rollins’ retention will just be a chapter of this prolonged rivalry.

#3 Seth Rollins wins the title and Damian Priest cashes in

After a prolonged battle that will witness the two superstars going head on against each other’s throats, leaving each other exhausted beyond recognition when Seth will possibly get the better of Drew McIntyre, that is when the music of Archer of Infamy hits and the rest they say is history as Damian Priest finally seizes the title.

#4 Even before the match begins, Seth Rollins is injured by Solo Sikoa

Seth will be siding with Cody Rhodes in the main event and in order from this happening, Seth may be injured beforehand by Solo Sikoa, eventually getting the match off the cards completely. Now this can also be because Seth isn’t yet fit completely and just to showcase that in the highest regard, this can be a decent move wherein someone else, most likely CM Punk, if fit may step up.


#5 Seth Rollins wins, Damian Priest music hits, Priest cashes in and Cody Rhodes intervenes to cost him the briefcase

Like the way Seth Rollins took the side of Cody Rhodes when the Rock slapped him, similarly in an attempt to lift the title, while Damian Priest sneaks in to cash in the contract, that is when Cody Rhodes’ music hits the titantron and the cash-in is imminent. However, the American Nightmare steps up and costs Priest the cash-in.

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