WWE WrestleMania XL Predictions: 5 possible finishes to Bayley vs IYO Sky match

With WrestleMania XL inching closer and fans wondering what possibly lies ahead, one match that is doing a lot of noises and all for the right details is that of Bayley and Io Sky? Why exactly though? Well, truth be told, these two superstars were friends at one point in time and had each other’s back like none other. And then comes the betrayal and who sells betrayal better than WWE? No one.

Both the wrestlers will be hopeful of raising hell when it comes to WrestleMania XL but what exactly is going to be the finishing point, that is known by very few people. Here’s a possible attempt to decode the match-up between Io Sky and Bayley and five possible conclusions to the same too.

#1 Io Sky retains the title by pinning Bayley clean

Sky retains the title by beating Bayley and even though she is a heel, yet, at times we have seen heels finishing matches clean and that raises the stakes. When a heel pins his or her opponent clean, then a storyline is formed and the entire game changes. Sky with the title and the support of Damage CTRL or whatever of the faction is remaining, will be going hammer and tongs against Bayley and will be retaining the title with a smile on her face.


#2 Bayley pins Io Sky

Chances of this happening are usually on the rarer side and this means that Bayley becomes the new champion. However, for this to happen, she will have to run through the entire force of Damage CTRL and it is not going to be an easy one. But then when it comes to WrestleMania, we have seen mountains move, we have seen fairytales being written and Bayley is no mug to fairytales.

#3 Io Sky retains the title with the help of Damage Ctrl

Sky will obviously expecting help from her faction partners and when this happens, expect all hell to break loose. It is going to be chaos and frenzy as there will be a heavy beatdown on Bayley and even before she knows she will be losing her shot at the title. This is absolutely a possibility and most importantly a possibility that will see the light of the day.

#4 Bayley gets help in the form of Zoey Stark

Stark is still to get a match in WrestleMania and when Bayley struggles against the sheer number games, that is when Zoey Stark comes out. The numbers are still odds against Bayley but the two reckoning forces that Bayley and Zoey are, both of them will be enough to forge an unlikely alliance taking out Io Sky and company to clinch the title.


#5 A new faction is formed that has faced the wrath of Damage CTRL

Damage CTRL has previously wreaked havoc in the women’s locker room and this is the best possible opportunity for a new faction comprising Bayley at the helm leading a rebellion against the former members. This certainly has the potential of building a fairytale and absolute pandemonium in the ongoing women’s division.

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