WWE WrestleMania 39: 3 Reasons Why Roman Reigns Vs The Rock Should Be A Non-Title match

Rumor mills are clangin and bangin about the Great one facing the Tribal Chief at WWE WrestleMania 39. The Rock vs Roman Reigns has been building up for years but has always eluded the fans because of the Rock’s super busy Hollywood schedule. This time however, WWE management under Triple H is hell bent on making this super match between the Samoan cousins happen in April next year.


Although it’s still too early to speculate on this epic encounter, as the super show is still a good seven months away, if it does happen, it should most definitely be a Non-Title bout if Roman is still a champ. Here are three reasons why:


1. Roman Reigns vs The Rock should not be Predictable

The Rock, although arguably in the best shape of his life, can never be a full-time wrestler owing to his profession as an actor and a businessman.

Therefore, he can’t be a champion as he will be needed to appear every week on tv which is just not possible for him owing to his different commitments. Therefore, we can already predict the outcome that he isn’t going to win the title and will thus lose the match.

2. Title opportunity for others

If the Rock, being a one-time deal, isn’t going to be in the title picture, it presents a golden opportunity for other superstars who are RAW or SmackDown regulars. They can challenge Roman, if he is still a champ, leading up to WrestleMania as it doesn’t keep the title occupied for months waiting for the Brahma Bull.


WWE already has a scarcity of title opportunities for many long-time superstars and has often been accused of not pushing regular talent enough. This could be a chance for other talent to get pushed to the front of the line by being in a title feud with Reigns.

3. Roman Reigns vs The Rock should be for the Head of the Table position

Even if the match isn’t for a world title, it shouldn’t be without any stakes. Because it makes the match that much more interesting. Since both Rock and Reigns are from the same Anoa’i family, they should be feuding over the Head of the Table spot of the household.

This will make the feud more personal and make it seem more authentic. This also allows other family members to get involved and thus get some spotlight on themselves as well. Whoever wins automatically becomes the new Head of the Table.


Akashdip Singh

WWE Fan by birth, Content writer by choice

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