WWE Survivor Series 2023 predictions: Who will win Gunther vs The Miz match?

As we make our WWE Survivor Series 2023 predictions, there is a massive match-up in the making which will see the Miz going head on against Gunther. Well, being honest both the superstars will be hitting the yard with all their might and the kind of charisma that they bring to the platter is absolutely unrivalled.

Gunther has been sporting the WWE Intercontinental title for a while now and will be expected to extend his reign for another PPV but given the charisma of Miz, the kind of glitz and glam that he brings to the fore, it is also expected that the Miz may finally have a say in the title shot after being without it for a while.

Early predictions for WWE Survivor Series 2023 match between Gunther and The Miz

So who will be winning the match-up? Well, the answer is it is hard to predict but as per this writer’s observations, there is a high possibility of the A-Lister from Hollywood possibly walk out of the ring with the belt around his waist.



Why does Miz stand in line for the belt around his waist after such a long time? Well, at times it is someone’s patience that does absolute wonders. This would not be Miz’s first rodeo with the title around his waist and knowing the Miz, he would certainly bringing some firepower into the match-up.

The reason for Miz to win is to forge a new rivalry in the first place and also shake up the title after that being with Gunther for quite some time.


Now in order to remove the title, you would have always needed an experienced player like Miz and this is where he comes. His experience, his long tenure in the company makes him a perfect fit for the Intercontinental Championship which will also be a massive pop for the WWE Universe.

WWE Survivor Series 2023 predictions: The Miz to beat Gunther and win Intercontinental Championship.


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