WWE Survivor Series 2023 predictions: Predicting the winner of all matches announced

WWE Survivor Series is just around the corner and in less than a few hours the entire WWE Universe will be going berserk with a flurry of impressive matches. With that being said, the most obvious speculations include that of what should be the possible result of Wargames which will have a significant impact on the future storytelling of the company.

Before we dive into the madness of the WWE Survivor Series, here’s a quick look at what can possibly be the results of the PPV in the same year that has been making all the right noises for the company ever since Triple H has taken over the reins.

#1 Women’s WarGames match – Bianca Belair Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch and Shotzi vs Damage ctrl

Trying to replicate what is going to be a showdown in the men’s section as well, the women’s wargames match-up will witness two factions of completely contrasting proportions come face to face with each other. However, given the current crop of affairs and the current flow of storyline, Becky and Charlotte is not winning this. The momentum for Damage Ctrl will continue.


Winner – Damage Ctrl

#2 Santos Escobar vs Dragon Lee

A match-up like this can only go in favour of the heel as time and time again WWE has been showing us where we would land in such a signature storyline. With Rey and Carlito injured, Dragon Lee will be taking up their position in the ring. Lee will obviously be a force to reckon but time is not yet ripe to see the Lucha superstar flourish.

Winner – Santos Escobar


#3 Rhea Ripley vs Zoey Stark

This is one fight where predictions will be hard to come by. Going the by the physical stature and the fighting flair of the two, it is a very even fight. What separates the two eminent wrestlers of the Divas section is the storyline. There is a high probability of the Judgment Day falling apart after tomorrow and for that to happen, Rhea’s defeat is also necessary.

Winner – Zoey Stark

#4 Gunther vs the Miz

The Ring General have had enough of the A-Lister’s shenanigans and now he wants to put an end to Miz’s dream run. But knowing Miz for all these years, he is someone who doesn’t go down without a fight. Whether a face or a heel, the Miz has always delivered his signature moves and done them with a raw flair. Expect Miz to have another title shot and this is where it begins.


Winner – The Miz

#5 Men’s WarGames match-up – Team Cody vs Judgment Day

This is more of a storytelling match up where the two characters who will be taking centerstage in all likelihood are Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton. The entire match-up will be surrounding them and whatever the rest of the figures are, they will be peripheral. Despite being peripheral this match will be tipped towards Team Cody because it should be spelling the doom for Judgment Day.

Winner – Team Cody


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