WWE Survivor Series 2023 predictions: 5 possible endings to Men’s WarGames match

As WWE Survivor Series 2023: Wargames already has started doing the rounds of predictions, one of the most-talked about matches doing rounds is that of the elimination battle that will be fought between Team Cody and the Judgment Day. Team Cody so far has the likes of Seth Rollins, Jey Uso, Sami Zayn and the American Nightmare himself.

Team Judgment Day obviously comprises the likes of JD McDonaugh, Finn Balor, Dominik Mysterio and Damian Priest. With all said and done, there can be a countless possibility of this match bringing the roof down upon the WWE Universe and when that happens, it is going to be absolute crazy. Here are five possible finishes to the Elimination match at WWE Survivor Series: Wargames.

#1 WWE Survivor Series 2023 predictions – Cody is joined by Randy Orton to combat JD with an incoming Drew McIntyre

Going by the history, this match-up is usually between five opponents and with that being said and done, Cody Rhodes and his teammates may need a fifth man.


However, all of that would only happen if Drew McIntyre turns heel and joins the Judgment Day to be their new leader in the dwindling days. If this unfolds at the Survivor Series, then expect Randy Orton to make an appearance.


#2 WWE Survivor Series 2023 predictions – Cody Rhodes puts down Dominik Mysterio to win the Wargames

After a battle of epic proportions, Dominik Mysterio and Cody Rhodes remain in the center. For Dom Dom, this is certainly a massive boost but then he will not be winning this considering the build up that has been done by WWE until now. When that happens, it will be Dominik and Cody being the final contenders in the ring and the latter walks out with the win.

#3 Drew McIntyre plays heel until sneaking in a late attack to dismantle Judgment Day

Drew McIntyre is not in the best of positions to be in the Cody Rhodes team that is in the making. In case if WWE does go for a five-man team, then you can expect the Scottish psychopath to join the JD. However, this may be a ploy just to reaffirm himself as the face that he has been made up for and eventually may cost JD the win.

#4 Rhea Ripley tries to step in but gets taken out by Seth Rollins

It has been a while since Rhea Ripley has taken out Kevin Owens but just to balance the scales, this may very well be the case where Seth Rollins takes out Rhea Ripley while she tries to steal the match-up and eventually emerges as the victor of this conventional match-up that has seen history in the making.


#5 Judgment Day loses the match up and Damian Priest tries to cash in and loses the contract too

Damian Priest may lose the match-up against Cody Rhodes and may eventually try and cash in seeking revenge. This is where he loses it all only because his teammates refuse to support him and eventually the in-fighting in Judgment Day kicks in.

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