WWE Survivor Series 2023 predictions: 3 WWE Superstars who could challenge IYO Sky for the Women’s Championship

WWE Survivor Series 2023 will be the next PPV, and predictions for the show have started. The industry keeps on growing with one glistening chapter after the other while another major question in place is that who gets to challenge IYO Sky for the WWE Women’s title which is now being cemented with the rising sensation.

Sky went onto defeat Bianca Belair and retain the title after a hard-fought battle. That tells you with the kind of dominion that she has stepped into the company with. So now lies the obvious question that who can challenge IYO Sky next? Here are three competitors who can challenge Sky at the WWE Survivor Series.

#1 WWE Survivor Series 2023 predictions – Asuka vs IYO Sky

With Damage CTRL now being held together by a thread and will most likely come apart at the seams, Asuka may go on a title hunt of her own.



Being the crowd favourite, The Empress of Tomorrow may challenge IYO Sky to try and the WWE Women’s title and challenge the supremacy of the former.

#2 Raquel Rodriguez

Raquel has been the dominating force that has been ruling the roost for a while in WWE Women’s division but with that being said, Raquel Rodriguez will now hope to get the belt around her waist and as a result a challenge to SmackDown’s IYO Sky may be on the cards and there will be no stopping the reckoning force that Raquel Rodriguez is.

#3 Bayley

We have seen time and time again, members of the same faction turn against each other, friends turn their back on their best buddies in WWE.



This may come as a surprise but it has been a while since Bayley has been taking one hit after the other and now will like to add on some further momentum in her sails and that may come as a challenge for the title against IYO Sky.

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