WWE Survivor Series 2022 Predictions: Will Big E return on the PPV?

Big E is one of the charismatic and beloved WWE superstars. The strongest member of the New Day rose up to the ranks with his incredible charisma and in-ring performance. However, it has been months since he went down with the devasting neck injury. Moreover, speculations have been running on Big E resurfacing at WWE Survivor Series.


He was assigned to WWE’s developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling in 2009. He then rose up to WWE NXT becoming the NXT Champion defeating Seth Rollins in 2013. Big E was called up to the main roster as an enforcer to Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee.

After a short run as a singles competitor, he aligned himself with Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods to form the highly popular stable ‘The New Day.’ The trio won a total of 11 Tag Team titles as a group and emerged as one of the beloved factions of all time.



The former WWE Intercontinental Champion returned to singles action in July 2021. He later on clinched the Money in the Bank briefcase. He achieved his milestone dream by cashing-in his MITB opportunity successfully on Bobby Lashley and won his first WWE championship. Everything was going his way, until March 11th episode of SmackDown.

How did Big E get injured?

Big E was in the middle of a tag team match alongside Kofi Kingston against Sheamus and Ridge Holland. However, a major catastrophe happened when Holland delivered a massive overhead belly-to-belly suplex to him at ringside.

This resulted in E landing on the top of his head and suffering an injury. Therefore, he stated on social media that he had suffered a broken neck with fractures to his C1 vertebrae and C6 vertebrae.



Will there be a surprise return at WWE Survivor Series 2022?

Big E stated in an interview in June 2022 that it is unclear if he will ever be able to wrestle again. Moreover, with the severity of his injury, there is no sign pointing towards Big E making his return to next week’s WWE Survivor Series.

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