WWE SummerSlam 2022 Prediction: Who Will Win Becky Lynch Vs Bianca Belair Match?

WWE SummerSlam 2022 is just around the corner, and fans across the world are excited to see the biggest party of summer. As always ahead of WWE SummerSlam, fans are making their predictions, and the one match which everyone has their eyes on is the battle between Becky Lynch and Bianca Belair. So, let’s analyze as to who will win Becky Lynch vs Bianca Belair match.


The rivalry between Becky and Bianca began last year at SummerSlam when the former made a surprise return and stunned the then SmackDown Women’s Champion. The two Superstars then had a singles match, where Becky emerged victorious in just 26 seconds.

Fans expect a longer contest between the two Superstars at this year’s SummerSlam event. Quite a few fans and experts have picked their winners when asked who will win the Becky Lynch vs Bianca Belair match. Some have said Becky, while others have gone with Belair.


Joel Gertner answered who will win Becky Lynch vs Bianca Belair

In a chat with Sportskeeda, wrestling veteran Joel Gertner made his SummerSlam predictions and said:

“I think more out of the two, Becky Lynch could take a loss to a strong, momentum-riding Bianca Belair and I’m going to go with Belair.”

Big Time Becks thinks she will leave SummerSlam as RAW Women’s Champion

In a recent tweet on the micro-blogging platform, Becky Lynch made it clear that she has worked very hard for 20 years, and she promised that she will evolve into the new RAW Women’s Champion come this Saturday in Nashville.


Looking at the recent booking decisions from the WWE Creative team on RAW, especially with the feud featuring Becky Lynch and Bianca Belair, it should not be a surprise if Bianca retains her title.

WWE could also surprise the fans by booking another 26-second match with Bianca winning this time around.



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