“WWE Stock Shot Up By 9.51%”- Report Shows How Triple H Replacing Vince Mcmahon Has Benefited The Company

WWE is undergoing a leadership change since Vince McMahon‘s alleged misconducts came to light a few weeks ago. Things took a surprising turn when Vince McMahon announced his retirement out of the blue last week. “At 77, time for me to retire. Thank you, WWE Universe. Then. Now. Forever. Together. #WWE #thankful,” tweeted McMahon. Following his resignation, Triple H made his return to executive duties as the head of creative and the head of Talent Relations. As expected, these changes were bound to affect the value of WWE stock in the market.


The changes had a favorable impact on WWE’s stock in the market, with the value rising by a whopping 9.51% as of 25 July 11:36 AM EDT. This development shows a promising sign regarding the management shakeup that WWE is going through.

Triple H’s version of NXT up until 2019 is widely considered as one of the best eras of professional wrestling in the industry. His reign as the head of NXT put the spotlight on many indie darlings such as Malakai Black and Adam Cole. Under Triple H, NXT was in touch with the pulse of the ‘hardcore fans’.


Here is the reason why WWE stock value has increased


Apart from the popularity of the brand, many wrestlers have since praised Triple H for his help backstage. His love for the art of professional wrestling has shone through from the way NXT was booked. So to the fans, it will come as no surprise that Triple H taking over WWE’s creative reigns has led to WWE stock going up.

Many of the lapsed fans have been hoping for a change in the company’s creative direction. Triple H’s ascension to the throne brings more hope that things will change in the company for good.

The upcoming premium live event SummerSlam will be the last PLE which was built under Vince’s creative direction. However, it seems like there won’t be any major changes right away. WWE is a publicly traded company and their actions have a direct impact on the WWE stock. What comes next for the company? Only time will tell.


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