WWE Royal Rumble 2024 predictions: 5 female Superstars who can return

We have officially entered the Royal Rumble month and the wrestling community are eagerly for the event, where the road to WrestleMania truly kicks into high gear. It’s time for WWE Royal Rumble 2024 predictions. This year’s event is on 27th January 2024 at Tropicana Field of St Petersburg, Florida.

The match card is still shaping up, and as always traditional 30 men and women elimination match will take the centre stage. Only Cody Rhodes and CM Punk are declared for the Men’s royal rumble match. A huge fatal four match is announced for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship between Roman Reigns, LA Knight, Randy Orton and AJ Styles.

The Royal Rumble is loved for its surprising returns, and as part of our annual tradition, let’s speculate which superstars might make a return at the upcoming edition of Royal Rumble. Here are the 5 female Superstars who could make their return at Royal Rumble 2024:


1. Liv Morgan


Liv Morgan took a break from in-ring action due to an injury, which extended when she faced legal issues. Now, with everything resolved both physically and legally, she is poised to make a WWE comeback. Speculation suggests she might return at the Royal Rumble and is considered a strong contender to win the match.

2. Naomi

Naomi made headlines in May 2022 when she controversially left WWE. Recent reports are confirming that Naomi’s contract is up with TNA and has re-signed with WWE. With Royal Rumble on horizon, there is high chance that Naomi could mark her comeback in the 30 women match.

Naomi has history of miraculous Royal Rumble saves. If she indeed returns, it’ll be intriguing to see the creativity she brings at this year’s Royal Rumble.


3. WWE Royal Rumble 2024 predictions: Will Nikki Bella return?

The Royal Rumble is known for unexpected returns, and Nikki Bella’s comeback has the potential to shake things up. As a WWE legend and member of the iconic Bella Twins, her return would bring nostalgia and energize the women’s division. The excitement of a veteran’s return is a key aspect of the Royal Rumble, positioning Nikki Bella as a strong candidate for a remarkable comeback in 2024.

4. Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks is currently the hottest free agent in the industry and rumors suggest that she can return anytime in WWE or debut in AEW. Despite her strained relationship with WWE, the shift in management with Triple H could open the door for her return. While fans anticipate her AEW debut, there’s also speculation that she might surprise everyone by entering the Royal Rumble match..

5. WWE Royal Rumble 2024 predictions: Will AJ Lee return?

Following CM Punk’s triumphant return, speculation is mounting over the potential comeback of his wife, AJ Lee. Although AJ Lee parted ways with WWE in 2015, recent developments suggest that the relationship between her and the company has improved, raising the possibility of a return. Renowned for its unpredictability, Royal Rumble could serve as the perfect stage for AJ Lee’s shocking comeback.


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