WWE PPV Schedule: When Is Night Of Champions 2023?

Rumors are afloat regarding some development about the King and Queen of the Ring PLE. WWE has reportedly changed its name to Night of Champions 2023.

The King and Queen of the Ring Premium Live Event will be happening on May 27th this year at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Formerly known as King of the Ring, it will be the first such event since 2015, which streamed exclusively on the WWE Network. It will also be the first one to air on TV in two decades, since 2002.

According to wrestling reporters Xero News, WWE is considering changing the name of the PLE. WWE is reportedly considering changing The King and Queen of the Ring to Night of Champions. And they are allegedly doing this to celebrate Roman Reigns’ 1000 days as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.


Why did WWE cancel King of the Ring and swap it with Night of Champions?

Roman’s chokehold on the world titles has been nothing short of legendary. He has literally gone through all the competition WWE has to offer in his three years as champion. At WrestleMania 39, he beat Cody Rhodes against heavy odds, which means he will probably still hold the titles, come May 27. It seems The Tribal Chief will be the center of this international event.

Xero News, has also reported on a rumor that John Cena could compete in this Saudi event as well. They tweeted, “Rumour: Early Talks of Cena Wrestling at KOTR PPV. This is considered Card Subject to Change until he agrees but it has been discussed at WWE,” However, Cena has continuously refused to compete in the Arab nation since 2018, owing to political differences. Therefore, there’s a good chance he still won’t compete and this could only be a false rumor. But if he somehow does, a clash between Cena & Reigns could be of epic proportions, the kind fans wish for.

If WWE does change the name change of this PLE, it’ll be a good idea as it sounds better.


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