WWE plotting a massive clash between Stone Cold Steve Austin and CM Punk?

As CM Punk returned to WWE a lot of speculations remain on the horizon that who should he be fighting next. With the rumours circling around of a big name returning, it is getting a lit more exciting with every passing day. However, the biggest rumour of all that has been running hot is that Stone Cold Steve Austin may be coming back to the roster.

So what for is SCSA coming back? Well the answer is simple. To take on the Best in the World and the WWE Universe will love the rivalry. However, a major difference for both is that Punk is still in his wrestling heydays where he may have veered off the actual strength show but then the way he still goes on and on, this could have been a perfect show if the two would have gone on to take the yard.

Words have it that WWE is plotting a battle between Stone Cold Steve Austin and CM Punk and the backstage is also buzzing with the idea knowing that this rivalry could drive the industry to glory and the entire roof will be coming off.


Here is what WWE’s stance on Stone Cold Steve Austin vs CM Punk currently looks like

However, as per Fightful Select this may be a possibility but none of it may happen ahead of WWE Wrestlemania. The build-up will be taking some time while the biggest entertainment event is also gearing up for one of the greatest WWE clashes of all time.

Dave Meltzer’s report said, “As of right now, he hasn’t been approached. He’s not in. I’m not saying he won’t be and that is not their direction. I’m not saying that’s like some people thought the same thing you did. ‘Hey, maybe we could do it.’ (…) I would just say it’s premature. I wouldn’t say it’s never going to happen [either].”


In 2022, Austin returned to the WWE ring after 19 staggering years where he went onto beat Kevin Owens in an impromptu match-up at Wrestlemania 38. If he returns again, well, the roof may be under duress.

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