WWE NXT Gold Rush predictions: 5 possible finishes to Seth Rollins vs Bron Breakker match

In almost a decade’s time, for the first time, Seth Rollins will be competing on WWE’s developmental brand, NXT vs Bron Breakker and the fans simply can’t remain calm. At the end of the day it is the return of a superstar to a brand that has raised so many stars in the arcade of the WWE.

With NXT about to get a major revamp with Rollins making a comeback though for a match, the fans have started making all the right noises for the event. There are speculations too about this match which have left the WWE Universe in two different factions, one which believes that Seth Rollins will win, the other however, well, it all sorts of bizarre.

#1 Seth Rollins would get a steep fight from Bron Breakker but would win


Seth in all likelihood is here to just give the PPV a major face and this battle would see Bron Breakker put everything in the fight. However, his expectations would fall short as Seth Rollins would walk away with the win. But then the fight would obviously see Bron Breakker posting a battle like none other.

#2 Seth Rollins loses but Bron Breakker gets a promotion to WWE to continue the rivalry

Seth Rollins is already defending his title against Finn Balor and depending on the result, this outcome can very well be a possibility. If Rollins loses this rivalry can actually prove to be a crucial one, both for Seth Rollins in trying to give a lift to Bron and also get himself a match of equal stature.

#3 Mustafa Ali intervenes in the Bron Breakker vs Seth Rollins match

Seth Rollins may be running away with a win when Mustafa Ali hits the ring and what follows suit is a battle between Mustafa Ali and Seth Rollins. Mustafa Ali has been making all the right noises for a while. However, he hasn’t somehow got himself riding back to fame and this can be his ticket to top table battles.


#4 Seth Rollins vs Bron Breakker ends in a one-sided squash

Seth Rollins takes on that challenge and finishes Bron Breakker once and for all, stomping him for good. As it is most likely that Seth Rollins is providing a guest appearance on NXT, it doesn’t make any sense for him to lose to Bron. Hence, he walks in, he kills Bron and eventually walk away with the win.

#5 Bron Breakker puts down Seth and calls out Triple H for a WWE main roster debut

Breakker defeats Rollins but then calls out Triple H to seek a promotion to the main roster. If that happens then he is the right man to beat Seth Rollins, and this is exactly the opportunity for him to make the entry into the big leagues. Obviously when WWE has plotted this storyline, that means there is something that can follow suit.


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