WWE Night of Champions 2023 Match Card: 3 reasons why Mustafa Ali should beat Gunther for the Intercontinental title

Gunther and Mustafa Ali will be hoping to rip each other apart

WWE Night of Champions 2023 Match Card promises to be an exciting one. Mustafa Ali’s big call for the gold around his waist has been coming over and over again and yet somehow the chances in WWE has been eluding him completely. WWE obviously has huge plans for Ali but somehow, they will have to align this with a storyline.

As we were talking about the big chances coming his way, one of the finest chances for him coming down will be the battle with Gunther for the WWE Intercontinental title and a lot can happen at the Night of the Champions. Not only is it about Mustafa Ali’s championship call but it is also about a fine rivalry that can take shape between two wrestlers of almost similar stature and most important similar fighting skillsets.

Here are three reasons why Mustafa Ali should become the Intercontinental champion at the WWE Night of Champions.


#1 Mustafa Ali can have his major run with the title begin at the WWE Night of Champions 2023

Mustafa Ali has been coming close to the belt around his waist and yet somehow the plans and the timing have not aligned with him for a reason. With Gunther having his fair say with the Intercontinental title, this can be a perfect opportunity for Mustafa Ali to be handed over the belt and even forge a rivalry that can see Gunther and Mustafa going head-to-head over and over again.

#2 Mustafa Ali’s statement of rise would be evident at the WWE Night of Champions 2023

There is always a tipping point for every wrestler out in the center where he chooses to take the flight to moon, and it has to be big. Gunther is probably going head on battling with all his might, and he would be going forward all guns blazing. A championship run is exactly what would help his establish himself as the leading runner for the forthcoming greatness.

#3 It would open up a great battle between two similar superstars

Mustafa Ali and Gunther can actually play the game of two rivals not leaving a single stone unturned and the way they would be going about in the business as seen as in the earlier days, it is absolutely crazy.


This is exactly where the two makes the call of a battle that would extend beyond the Night of the Champions and may even allow the industry to continue with a battle of somewhat babyfaces altogether which would be another raw expression very rarely used by WWE.

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