WWE Money in the Bank 2023 Predictions: Predicting the 6 remaining participants of the Men’s Ladder Match

​As the Money in the Bank 2023 comes closer than ever, the hype is already through the roof and there is no hesitation that the main ladde​​r match that would decide the fate of the Championship contract later down the roster.

With Ricochet and Shinsuke Nakamura already in the hunt, it will be now about the six other superstars who should ideally be included in the fray. The rumours are strong enough about a few icons of the art and here are a few names that can be a part of the upcoming MITB match-up.

#1 Finn Balor

The Demon is all set to brush close to the belt again and this time given the fact that the MITB contract gives you the best possible chance to try and tease the belt in a wicked way. Ideally a heel makes the perfect contender for the MITB contract and who better than the demon to be a part of this battle.


#2 Bobby Lashley

There is a high probability that the Almighty himself is going to be a part of the MITB match as he has been away from the title reign for a while. He has been fighting the mid-table matches and most likely he would continue to do so but he would get a shot at the match to hype it up.

#3 LA Knight

LA Knight has been making all the right noises and will be a big name when it comes to the MITB match. In fact, there are a few wild rumours that state that he may even go onto win the match. With such hearsays frequenting the day, it is going to be obvious that he is a part of this battle.

#4 Cody Rhodes

Even though the American Nightmare has challenged Brock Lesnar, as per bigger priorities, Cody Rhodes and Brock Lesnar may actually happen in the MITB battle as the industry is looking forward to put in another match in that slot. However, there maybe a possibility that Brock isn’t a part of the fight and simply attacks Cody when he is on the brink of a victory.


#5 Edge

The R-rated superstar have been thrown in and out of the mix of several important matches and this may be just another battle for him. However, his presence in the battle would be rising the stakes high enough and leave the WWE universe in absolute expectation of relentless battles.

#6 AJ Styles

The Phenomenal one can also have the contract for himself as the WWE is planning to make go all guns blazing for the gold around his waist. He would not be mincing his words and when he goes for it all, the Universe would simply love it more than the other superstars who would be mere shadows in his presence.


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