​WWE Money in the Bank 2023 Predictions: 3 Reasons Why Ricochet Should Win The Ladder Match

Ricochet is one of the rising superstars in the WWE arcade and given his stardom and the crowd favourite that he is, the industry have realised that he should be given a title run and for this to happen, he needs to take a stand where a storyline can develop and what better way to plot a story around a championship for a rising star than getting him the MITB contract.


As we gear up for the grand prize to unfurl ahead of us in a PPV that would solely determine the fate of the WWE championship in the upcoming days, here are three reasons why Ricochet should win the MITB ladder match.

#1 Ricochet has been hanging around some great counterparts for a while

The wrestler has been doing all the right noises and the kind of fights that he have been putting alongside Braun Strowman is one of the reasons why he needs to have a solo run. The man defies gravity and is one of the most agile wrestlers of all time. If he is given the MITB contract, he would actually be making some great music around the WWE championship


#2 It has been a while since he has been playing face; let’s get Ricochet that heel turn

Being a face, Ricochet has been ticking all the right boxes. But how good can he be a heel, only the MITB contract would ensure that. Ideally, a great wrestler is not just about his wrestling moves. He is a mix and match of all his gimmicks, his mic skills and most importantly, his ability to carry himself throughout. This is exactly why Ricochet should win the WWE MITB.

#3 Opens up a plethora of storylines

Ideally him winning the MITB contract means that he will be up against Seth Rollins and these two are almost similar in terms of their physical statures. Rollins is a great grappler while Ricochet leaps around as if gravity forgot him. Pitting a high-flying wrestler against a full-blown grappler makes it a battle to savour and hence, he must win the championship.


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