​WWE Money in the Bank 2023 predictions: 3 reasons why Logan Paul must win men’s MITB match

Logan Paul has been the latest addition to what has already been a star-studded card for the Men’s Money in the Bank match. However, his inclusion once again has been met with divided reactions as one half of the WWE Universe treats him as an outcast while the other half believes that his wrestling game is strong enough to make him a mainstay.

Here is a glimpse at three reasons why he should be the MITB champion in the Men’s match and what would that herald for the business in the upcoming days. Be excited still because him becoming the champion is actually paving way for the others in the business to retain the title.

#1 Reigniting the rivalry between Seth Rollins and Logan Paul

The two have already been in a battle before but with Logan Paul winning the MITB contract, this time the stakes would be higher and the WWE Universe would have more vested reasons to support more intensely when it comes to both the wrestlers.


Also, the duo is actually a lively pair of fighters, both in the ring and when it comes to their gimmicks. They would make an amazing pair of rivals.

#2 Logan’s winning the Money in the Bank contract means that Roman or Seth stays unfazed

Logan Paul isn’t a regular and the fact that he may actually win the MITB contract means that Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins may be challenged on the very day after the main event and this exactly where he gets beaten and loses the contract. The glory and joys become short-lived without the existing storylines being impacted.

#3 Logan Paul winning the Money in the Bank contract would usher an age of celebs and influencers making way

Celebrity fighters aren’t new to the WWE ring and don’t expect them to bring out the big guns yet. But then if Logan Paul does go onto win the MITB then that ushers in an age of celebrities, someone like Bad Bunny or others who would make a guest appearance probably occasionally would start making them more frequent.


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