WWE Hall of Famer Announces His Son Is No More

WWE legends might have remarkable success under the bright lights of the Squared Circle, but much like any individual, they, too, suffer personal losses. Recently, an esteemed WWE Hall of Famer suffered a major loss in his personal life, which was a huge tragedy.

It was recently announced by WWE Legend Ricky Morton, who took to his Facebook account to express his deep sorrow for losing his own son. Morton explained that he may have seemed distant recently, not out of a lack of love but due to admiration for his son.

Morton continued, stating that a father should never have to endure the pain of losing a child, a grief that defies the natural order of life. Sadly, he now faces this unimaginable loss, having lost a significant part of himself. With a heavy heart, he announced the passing of his oldest son, Jonathan Morton.


“A father should never have to go through the experience of losing a child”- WWE Hall of Famer Ricky Morton

Ricky’s firstborn, Jonathan was a beacon of talent and love. He excelled in many areas, showcasing his incredible athletic abilities and dedication. Not only that, but Ricky’s son also had a deep passion for music, writing many country songs that resonated deeply with many. Furthermore, he was a devoted and selfless family man and had a close bond with his father and the entire Morton clan.

”I want to acknowledge that in recent week or so, I may have seemed distant. Please understand it was never out of lack of love, but rather the immense pride and admiration I felt for him. Sometimes, words fall short to express the depth of a father’s love. A father should never have to go through the experience of losing a child,” he wrote.

“Rest in peace, my beloved son. Your legacy will live on in our hearts forever. Please respect my family’s privacy. I love you all. Hug your loved ones,” Ricky concluded.


Sportsamaze expresses deep condolences to Ricky Morton and his family as they try and cope up with the devastating tragedy of losing a beloved member of their family.


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