WWE: Five probable storylines that may follow Braun Strowman vs Bray Wyatt

​The birth of The Fiend has proved to be a boon for Bray ​Wyatt’s WWE ​rise. His career​-​graph continued to decline after winning the WWE Championship at the Elimination Chamber​ 2017​. At one time, working with Matt Hardy, ‘The Eater of Worlds’ became ​too monotonous to impinge the WWE universe at all.


 However, thanks to The Fiend, ​that ​he has regained his old charisma and appeal. We now get to see the same enthusiasm in the audience about Bray Wyatt as it used to be 4 years ago. WWE has made three characters onscreen of the owner of the firefly funhouse and keeps shuffling these three, as per the competence of rival wrestlers and the requirements of the story.

One of these characters is of the old famous Bray Wyatt, which is brought back by WWE. Along with this, preparations are also being made to add an ex-member of the White family, The Black Sheep. For the past few weeks, we were constantly seeing promos between ‘The Eater of the Worlds’ and Braun.


 In the first match between the two, The Monster among Men succeeded in defeating his old master. However, when they locked horns next, The Fiend mysteriously vanished  Strowman. ​following that on SmackDown Live, we didn’t get any clue of what had happened on the ‘Extreme Rules Horror Show’.

If you look at the claims made in the Firefly Fun House on SmackDown, the old master now owns the Black Sheep. If this thing proves to be true, ​then WWE is probably brewing different possibilities that will play a pivotal role in reviving the interest of the fans.

Let’s take a look at 5 such possibilities


5. Braun Strowman retaliates

Bray White felt that since the Black Sheep was still there, Braun may easily kneel in front of him. However, at no point did The Monster among Men surrender to the evil and for most of the time was successful in overcoming his ex master’s mind games.

Braun knew that the devil inside him was alive, so he did not want to go to his old home in the first place. However, the confidence he had in himself, made him accept the challenge of The Eater of the Worlds. Things may have happened against The Monster Among Men, but if he regains control even for a moment, he may retaliate and restart the war against Wyatt.


This scenario could be made even more interesting if Braun is portrayed fighting his inner devil to control his soul, acting as The Black Sheep and at times as The Monster among Man. This will make the fight two even more interesting.

4. We learn that Strowman has escaped

Image Source : WWE

Think how interesting it will become if we find out that The Monster has escaped from his master’s place. The story can be made in such a way that, we do not get any news about Braun for the next few weeks. After this we get to see a video promo of the Wyatt compound where Bray goes to a room.


He finds a chair and some open ropes. Seeing this, he looks quite upset. One of the puppets appearing in the Firefly Fun House segment makes the revelation that Strowman has managed to escape. This will make it very exciting and will establish a new dimension in the enmity of these two.

3. Braun Strowman takes a page from Randy Orton’s book

We have seen in the past how RKO ruined Bray Wyatt by accepting The Eater of Worlds as his master. It was a good story which was liked by all. This time in the story, Braun too gets ready to work for his old master just like Viper.


During this period he gradually discovers the strengths and weaknesses of his master and comes to know that he can be conquered. After this, at a critical juncture, he stabs Bray in the back and destroys him. The possibility of this angle cannot be ruled out given The Monster is babyface.

2. Braun Strowman the new leader of Wyatt Family

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WWE could do something new by bringing another twist to the previous tale. Instead of copying the Randy Orton story completely, a modification can be done to it. The story will go something like this — when Braun realizes what is central to Wyatt’s power, he instead of ruining the Wyatt Family Compound becomes himself the leader of the family.


 The reason behind this could be that The Black Sheep feels that The Eater of Worlds never gave him everything he should have. Bray Wyatt is now forced to become a servant of his servant. This angle will probably put the leadership skills of the Monster amongst men’s leadership skills on a test.

1. Bray Wyatt and Black Sheep come together as before, creating a macabre

Image Source : WWE

This angle is the most likely to occur. Everyone is hoping to see that old form of the Wyatt family, where they used to wreak havoc on the entire WWE roster. Ever since the old master has encountered Black Sheep, people have been waiting for this.


It would be an easy story to tell as Bray already told in the Firefly Fun House segment that Braun is now at home. We can get to see the same old version of these two, where the invincible Wyatt family used to target and torture everybody sparing none. With the cult gimmick of Wyatt wearing away with time, this can be a masterstroke to revive people’s interest in the Wyatt family again. Fear is the word.

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