WWE Europe Live Events 2022 schedule: Location, Timings and Ticket details

The WWE Live events maybe underappreciated but they are precious for the fans, superstars and management too.


As compared to the main shows on TV, the superstars are given more creative freedom on house shows and sometimes even do funny stuff to entertain the audience which they won’t be able to do on heavily controlled and censored TV tapings.

These events also provide an opportunity for wrestlers, who do not get a lot of TV time because of their stature, to have long matches and be visible in front of loyal fans.




The energy on these events is sky high too because these events aren’t televised and just custom made for audience present at the arena, which makes the audience feel like a cult and super excited feeding on the unhindered energy of the superstars.

Live events usually happen at venues too small in size to host a main roster show or a pay per view and also usually there are no cameras taping the show. Therefore, the wrestlers can break character and interact with fans as they please.


The results of the matches in these shows are unique to the show and they are not related to the storylines going on in the main shows. Developmental as well as lower-card talent get to hone their craft in front of live audience and experiment with their characters.

Sometimes these events even act as rehearsals for big upcoming pay per view or main roster matches.

Who is the President of WWE Live Events?

Road Dogg serves as the Senior Vice President of Live Events, WWE and his team of match producers like Finlay, Jamie Noble, Joey Mercury, Jason Jordan and many more study these live event matches and report back to the management picking apart the kinks in the armor of the wrestlers involved in the in-ring action.


This allows the backstage management to better understand their superstars away from the bright lights and censorship of the main shows so they can be better utilized on the main roster with appropriate matches and spots. Without these trail runs during live shows, the superstars would fail miserably and botch on live tv.

When is the next WWE Europe tour?

Also, since time zones are different across the world, when the main shows play live in the United States, they play at unfavorable or graveyard shift timings in a different part of the world. The international audience usually watch the shows in reruns.

Therefore, for WWE to connect with the international WWE Universe, they need to go to them via these Live events. It keeps the motivation and hype alive in these countries for their product and most of these events are high revenue generators for the company and lead to highly lucrative international TV deals. Soon WWE is conducting these live shows across Europe.


For the WWE Universe in Europe, let’s get all the details for the WWE Europe Live Events 2022 schedule:

How to buy tickets for WWE Live in Scotland?

Date and time: October 30th 7:30 PM

Location: Glasgow, Scotland


Venue: OVO Hydro

Tickets @ https://bookingsdirect.seetickets.com/tour/wwe-live/

How to buy tickets for WWE Live in Germany?

Date and time: October 31st 7:30 PM


Location: Stuttgart, Germany

Venue: Porsche Arena

Tickets @ https://www.livenation.de/artist-wwe-live-830001


Date and time: November 1st 7:30 PM

Location: Dortmund, GERMANY

Venue: Westfallenhalle


Tickets @ https://www.livenation.de/artist-wwe-live-830001

How to buy tickets for WWE Live in Switzerland?

Date and time: November 2nd 7:30 PM

Location: Geneva, Switzerland


Venue: Geneva Arena

Tickets @ https://www.ticketcorner.ch/artist/wwe/

So far only 5 superstars have been confirmed for all these shows and they are Liv Morgan, Gunther, Jimmy and Jey Uso and Shinsuke Nakamura. But most likely, many more will join them including some big names.


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