WWE Elimination Chamber 2024 predictions: 5 surprises that could happen on the show

After five staggering years, WWE is going to return to Australia with a major PLE and that is the Elimination Chamber. Like the way it currently has a wonderful set of matches planned to take place, similarly, a lot of interest surrounds the following PPV which is the grandest of all time in the history of entertainment wrestling, the WrestleMania.

Like the way the fans will be hooked to the matches, similarly the storyline twists that can take shape at the EC in Perth is why the fans would be even more be intrigued by the prospect of this PPV. In a special mention as Cody Rhodes is supposed to appear on the show alongside Seth Rollins on the Grey Waller Effect in the EC, another surprise may be on the way. Here are five surprises that can happen at the Elimination chamber.

#1 CM Punk appears and join Cody Rhodes in order to level the playing field

As Drew McIntyre already said once that no one wants to fight Roman because eventually in the end, the Bloodline will interfere and the match would be a goner. In order to stop that from happening, Cody will need more men in his camp. Like the way Seth Rollins is going to be his shield, while he is out there in the middle, CM Punk may possibly turn out and join Cody’s camp to avenge his earlier defeat against the Rock at WrestleMania.


#2 Stone Cold Steve Austin turns up to challenge the Rock

SCSA and the Rock fought one iconic rivalry time and time again. As the Rock has turned heel, you never know that this probably will be the gateway to SCSA turning up and challenging the Great One in what would be an attempt to lure the Brahma Bull away from Cody, allowing the latter to finish his story in WM.

#3 Triple H announces an individual match-up between himself and the Rock

With the predominance of the Rock, when Triple H was threatened by the Great One, stating that he needs to fix the Cody problem, Hunter made it clear that the Rock was out of line. With the sizeable ego that the Rock has, the Game may just announce that he is taping up his boots for one last time.

#4 The New Catch Republic wins the tag-team championship at Elimination Chamber

Even though it is almost a foregone conclusion that the Judgment Day will be retaining the title, NCR may just surprise everyone and snatch the title away from Finn Balor and Damian Priest, eventually opening the doors of discontent amongst the notorious stable. Also, R Truth may step out to help but it would ideally be Priest to hammer him while getting the distraction for NCR while they hand over the belt.


#5 When Rhea Ripley wins at Elimination Chamber Jade Cargill’s music hits

As per the inside reports, the Eradicator is also tipped to win the contest against Nia Jax. However, another murmur states that Rhea Ripley’s title reign may come to an end at the hands of Jade Cargill. After an impressive showdown in the Royal Rumble, Cargill may just set his sights on Rhea Ripley, making this an intense staredown setting up to WrestleMania.

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