WWE Elimination Chamber 2024 predictions: 5 possible finishes to Rhea Ripley vs Nia Jax

The Elimination Chamber is just around the corner, and anticipation for the PPV is soaring. The event is scheduled to unfold at Perth, Australia’s Optus Stadium, where over 60,000 enthusiastic WWE fans are expected to fill the arena. This will also mark first time, Australia hosting the PPV since the Super Showdown in 2018.

As per tradition, 6 men and 6 women will fight inside the circular steel structure for a championship opportunity at WrestleMania. Rumors are also abounding that The Undertaker is likely to make a legendary appearance at the Elimination Chamber, which would be an extra layer of intrigue to an already stacked lineup.


Additionally, a must-watch match from that night will be the WWE women’s championship bout between Rhea Ripley and Nia Jax, as both superstars will compete in their hometown. Here are five potential scenarios for how the showdown between Ripley and Jax could conclude:

1. Rhea Ripley wins clean at Elimination Chamber

Rhea Ripley is holding the title since last WrestleMania and is unlikely to drop the title anytime soon. So one of the most straightforward scenarios would be Rhea Ripley emerging victorious over Nia Jax in a clean and decisive manner. This outcome would solidify Ripley’s status as world champion and also issue a poweri statement ahead of the WrestleMania.

2. Nia Jax wins clean at Elimination Chamber

The odds are slim, but we can’t dismiss the possibility. Nia Jax has been on a roll since her comeback, and her sheer power could overpower Rhea at Elimination Chamber. It’s conceivable that Nia might shock everyone by cleanly pinning Rhea in centre of the ring and establishing herself as a force to reckoned with in WWE.


3. Tamina helps Nia win

In the twist of event Tamina, Nia Jax’s cousin sister could inject herself into the match, providing Nia Jax crucial support to secure victory. Their familial ties and Samoan history might motivate Tamina to intervene, and turn the results in Jax’s favor. This collaboration may lead to form their own Bloodline in the women’s division.

4. Judgment Day helps Rhea win

This is the most likely outcome to the championship match as The Judgement Day has the history of interfering and at Elimination Chamber that would be the case too. Despite Nia Jax’s capability to take down Rhea Ripley, standing at the ringside, The Judgement Day will make sure that Rhea leaves the ring victorious. Eventually, Nia may ultimately fall victim to the numbers game, and loose to Rhea Ripley.


5. Judgment Day costs Rhea Ripley

On the flip side, Judgment Day’s interference could backfire, ultimately costing Rhea Ripley the match against Nia Jax. Their habit of unnecessary involving in the match could lead to chaos in the ring which would allow Nia Jax to capitalize on the situation and secure the win.

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