WWE Elimination Chamber 2023 Predictions: Who Will Win Bobby Lashley Vs Brock Lesnar Match?

The saga between Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley continues at WWE Elimination Chamber 2023 in their third one-on-one match. So far they have won one match each against one another, and the big question heading into Elimination Chamber is who will win Brock Lesnar vs Bobby Lashley match.

Lesnar returned on the special RAW XXX show last month and crashed the main event of the night. The main event was a United States Championship match between Lashley and Austin Theory. Lesnar F-5d both competitors and helped Theory win that match, renewing the feud between him and The All Mighty.

Ever since then, the two have tried to one-up each other. Brock has F-5d Bobby every time he can and Bobby has reciprocated by eliminating Lesnar from the men’s Royal Rumble match.



Reportedly, the two physical specimens were going to face each other at Day 1 last month but they scrapped that PLE. In their last face-off at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia, Lesnar won inadvertently but Lashley stood tall in the end. He applied the Hurt Lock on Brock and laid him out in the middle of the ring.

It seems that’s the reason why Lesnar is back. He is back for retribution. The first time they faced-off was at Royal Rumble 2022 where Lashley was victorious. Although that win was heavily influenced by Paul Heyman and Roman Reigns, who clocked Lesnar with the belt. Therefore they’ve both won against each other but not dominantly.

Their third rubber match at the show of shows should be the final one of their trilogy.


Why Bobby Lashley will be the one who will win vs Brock Lesnar at WWE Elimination Chamber 2023

The odds on favorite is Brock Lesnar because simply put, he’s the bigger superstar in terms of stardom. But is that enough for him to win? Let’s check the facts.

Brock’s contract is expiring in a few months whereas Bobby will be with the company for years to come. Even if he extends his contract, Brock will never be a full-time wrestler but Bobby will be competing every week.  Also Brock has been teasing retirement for years. If it finally happens, there’s a good chance he will lose this match. It’s a tradition among retiring wrestlers to go out on their back. All these facts point out to Lashley getting his hand raised in the end.

Whatever happens, this match should not have any cheating or outside interference. So that we can finally have a decisive winner and a solid end to this lengthy rivalry. What fans really want to see is Lesnar vs Lashley in an MMA bout. After all, they are both highly decorated mixed martial artists too.


WWE Elimination Chamber 2023 Predictions: Bobby Lashley to beat Brock Lesnar. 

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