WWE Elimination Chamber 2023 Predictions: Ric Flair Predicts Who Will Win Roman Reigns Vs Sami Zayn

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair has made his final prediction regarding a big Elimination Chamber match. He has picked a winner in the Roman Reigns vs Sami Zayn match.

In his To Be The Man podcast, he clearly said that he picked Roman to win over Sami. His words, “Unfortunately, for Sami, The Tribal Chief. That would be my prediction, and I don’t see how.”

The Elimination Chamber 2023 PLE is right at our doorstep and the title bout for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship is the highlight of the event. It’s a match charged with emotions where The Tribal Chief will take on his own former Honorary Uce Sami Zayn. It’s a match that nobody even imagined to be happening where the lackey of the group will fight the leader.


After this match that’s happening on February 18th, the winner will go on to face Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania 39. Rhodes gained this title opportunity after winning the men’s Royal Rumble match last month.

Here is why Ric Flair believes Roman Reigns will win vs Sami Zayn

Even in this match, Flair sees Cody facing Roman for the Undisputed titles. Zayn is facing Reigns in his hometown of Montreal, Quebec, Canada and the Canadian will have a home advantage. In his podcast, Flair feels that it’ll be an enthusiastic crowd at Elimination match but he sees Cody vs Roman at WrestleMania.


Excerpts: “It will be a hot crowd. It won’t matter who wins, but I think that WrestleMania is Roman and Cody, not Sami and Cody.”

Although, the 16-time world champion isn’t picking Zayn as the winner, he still loves the gimmick. However, self-admittedly he hated Sami’s goofy character in the beginning but understood it with time. He stated, “Well, first of all, because of the magnitude, I always, with Sami, I got him now, but I used to hate that gimmick… Now I love it. I have admitted to it.”


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