WWE Elimination Chamber 2023 Predictions: Ranking The 6 Men’s Superstars Based On Their Chances Of Winning The Match

The WWE Elimination Chamber is around the corner and we all know the hype that this PPV has created over the years. The six superstars who will be getting in the ring for the upcoming edition of the Chamber match are Austin Theory, Seth Rollins, Damien Priest, Johnny Gargano, Montez Ford and Bronson Reed.


Ideally, it is the world heavyweight title that is being defended inside the chamber but given the fact that it is being now held by Roman Reigns and he will be bringing the gold around his waist most likely to the Wrestlemania, hence, it is going to be battle for the United States Championship and Austin Theory will have to defend his title against a slew of former superstars who can work out magic in the ring.

Here are the chances ranked from the most minimum to the maximum of each superstar bagging the belt.


#6 Bronson Reed may have his way through the slew of opposition

Reed is a heavyweight contender and has already enforced himself in the ring in the most blazing colours. He has rocked and rolled the ring in significant fashion.

However, the reason he has been placed in the sixth position is because of his novelty to the ring and going by the history of the industry, he will need fairly a lot more chances to prove himself that will put him in the winning path. A shock win could have been expected but with WM around the corner, the industry would most likely avert it for now.

#5 Montez Ford may finally get his push

Ford has always elicited some strong emotions from the crowd. Teaming up with Angelo Dawkins for the Street Profits tag team, he pulled off a pretty fine display but struggled hard when it came down to being the singles star.


It is needless to say that Montez will have his moments of exhilaration with a couple of gravity-defying leaps but the belt being handed over to the man at the moment doesn’t seem opportune for the big man.

#4 Johnny Gargano could be the show-stopper at the Elimination Chamber

Gargano is a reckoning force and has been proving his wrestling mettle of late. However, with bigger names like Seth, Austin Theory and the Archer of Infamy battling it out, despite all his heroics exploits in the ring recently, he will probably have to wait for the belt to come around his corner.

Being a work-rate specialist and also being a favourite of Triple H, he is definitely a crowd favourite too. That puts him on a possible stride to the US championship but the chances are relatively low.


#3 Seth Rollins may stomp his way to glory


Being honest, the Architect could have definitely been on his way to the belt and even may be propelled for that final haul.

But then going by the current set of fighters and the storylines in place, Seth somehow doesn’t seem to the perfect fit for something as great as the United States championship. With the industry currently pushing the younger fighters under Triple H, Seth may be pinning others for quite a few times but that final victory may not belong to the Beast Slayer.

#2 Austin Theory will most likely be one of the two going for that final pin at Elimination Chamber

Theory has been in terrific form ever since that belt has been bestowed upon his waist and needless to say that he is going to bring his fiery brand of wrestling to the platter.


However, when it comes to the belt, the industry may have a new champion awaiting us all. Well, technically he is not new but nevertheless a change of hands to refresh things a bit. However, all of it depends on how Triple H has plotted the road to Wrestlemania.

#1 Damian Priest somehow remains to be the favourite

With Rhea Ripley getting her individual push at the Royal Rumble, Triple H may choose to handover another push to Priest, a member of the Judgment Day that may hint at the faction’s long run coming to an end with Edge and Mysterio returning to challenge the might of Dominik and Finn.

However, that is quite a long shot but the Archer of Infamy has been doing a phenomenal job and it is high time that he hogs the limelight again and this time individually.


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