WWE Draft 2023: Potential Spoiler On The Brand Where The Bloodline Will Be Drafted To

The Bloodline’s whereabouts after the WWE Draft 2023 is the topic of discussion among the WWE Universe. A new report suggests where they will be after the major event.

WWE recently revealed that the WWE Draft will return on the SmackDown of April 28th and will continue on the May 1st RAW. Triple H had made an announcement a few weeks back that it will a “game changer” event. Also that all superstars will be eligible for The Draft.

The Bloodline has proven to be the most dominant faction in recent WWE history. Roman Reigns, the current Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, is the leader of the powerful heel faction and together they’re unstoppable. They are primarily a SmackDown stable but have made appearances on RAW as well.


Wrestling gossip source Xero News has an update on the future home of The Bloodline. They report that the Samoan faction will continue on the blue brand. They’ve also reported that Cody Rhodes will continue being on RAW and he won’t get a rematch against Reigns soon.

Dutch Mantell gave his views on Roman Reigns and The Bloodline recently

With Roman being the Undisputed champion for both brands and a SmackDown superstar, RAW is in need of a champion. It’s a rumor that the world titles will get split up soon after the Draft. Wrestling veteran Dutch Mantell was in favor of this as well. He stated on his podcast Story Time with Dutch Mantell: “…if you put both titles on one guy, to me that’s not a good business decision because you take away the ability to book two guys against each other for both belts. And what if that guy gets hurt? Your title holder in both versions, RAW and SmackDown, is on the shelf.”

Also Roman Reigns not appearing each week because of his limited schedule has left the fans wanting two champions more. There are no plans for him wrestling at Backlash, Puerto Rico till now. Maybe things will change as the Draft approaches.


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