WWE Crown Jewel 2023 Predictions: Bill Apter Predicts Who Will Win Seth Rollins Vs Drew McIntyre Match

Bill Apter has made his predictions for who will win Seth Rollins vs Drew McIntyre match at WWE Crown Jewel 2023. With whispers of a potential heel turn surrounding McIntyre, the stakes are high as the clash draws near. But legendary wrestling journalist Bill Apter isn’t convinced that Rollins is in danger of relinquishing his gold.

As anticipation builds for the premium live event, Apter, shared his confident prediction that Seth Rollins will emerge victorious and retain his coveted World Heavyweight Championship at Crown Jewel 2023.

Apter told Sportskeeda, “I don’t think it will be [Seth Rollins losing his World Heavyweight Championship] at the big show in Saudi Arabia coming up [Crown Jewel 2023].”


Despite Drew McIntyre’s recent display of heelish tendencies on WWE RAW, Rollins, often hailed as The Visionary, seems poised to face the Scottish Warrior with unwavering determination. The clash promises to be a pivotal moment in both superstars’ careers, and Apter’s forecast adds another layer of intrigue to the impending battle.

Seth Rollins has a bigger goal in WWE after he thinks he will be the one to win vs Drew McIntyre

While the upcoming premium live event holds the key to Rollins’ championship reign, the self-proclaimed Messiah has grander aspirations. Rollins recently expressed his desire to step into the spotlight as the headliner of WrestleMania. His quest to not just participate but to feature prominently in the main event of the grandest stage in sports entertainment has been a recurring theme for The Messiah. Reflecting on his past WrestleMania experiences, Rollins conveyed his fervent desire to truly headline the mega event.

“Yes, I’d like to headline WrestleMania. I know I had the cash-in at WrestleMania 31, but that didn’t count as a main event to me. I want to go in as a headliner,” Rollins articulated.



In fact, if Rollins keeps up his winning ways and forges ahead in the upcoming months, it may clear the way for the World Heavyweight Champion to take centre stage at WrestleMania 40, achieving his dream and cementing his place in WWE history.

As the WWE Universe awaits the epic clash at Crown Jewel 2023, the prophetic words of a wrestling legend like Bill Apter only add to the intrigue and anticipation surrounding this pivotal showdown in the world of sports entertainment.


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