WWE Crown Jewel 2023 Predictions: 5 Potential Finishes To Seth Rollins Vs Drew McIntyre Match

As WWE gears up for the next mega PPV, Crown Jewel, expect all sorts of surprises to reign supreme. With a fine match-up already booked, the WWE Universe is going crazy with the wait for the upcoming clash between Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins. Two of the finest will be going head on against each other at the PPV for the WWE Heavyweight title.

Now there are two angles to look at this match. The first is whether Drew McIntyre completely turns a heel or not because then this storyline is going to be prolonged and expect these two to raise hell. However, since Drew is still a babyface with traits of being a heel, WWE may try and get the bell out. Here are five possible conclusions to the match-up between Drew and Seth.

#1 Drew McIntyre destroys Seth Rollins

Ideally, if this has to happen, be rest assured that the heel turn will be fully cashed in. He will be hammering away at Seth mercilessly while he will also be unloading the brutality that he has in him being a heel formerly. That will also forge a new storyline which these two has the capability to continue.


#2 Seth Rollins pins Drew McIntyre

An obvious conclusion to the match-up is Seth Rollins retaining his title against the Scottish Warrior. However, all of it would boil down to the angle. If Seth wins then Drew will still remain the baby face, a move that would once again push him to the mid-cards which he may not like.

#3 Damian Priest cashes in

With both Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre down to the mat, Damian Priest takes a shot at grabbing the title for himself, now that the chaos and chasm in the Judgment Day has been growing more than ever. With a shot at being a heel all by himself and make a faction of his own, this is Priest’s best chance.

#4 Judgment Day spoils the match-up and a new rivalry between these two starts

There is a high possibility that Judgment Day may go all guns blazing at the two without any mercy whatsoever. This match allows them to attack both Drew and Seth with all their might. This match allows them to inflict severe beating upon both thereby keeping the face status of both Drew and Seth and making them into a team.


#5 Shinsuke Nakamura arrives and cost Seth the title

Knowing the King, he is not done yet and he will keep on going at it over and over again. So when Seth remains on the brink of lifting the title, this is when Nakamura attacks again, thereby continuing the rivalry that left everyone on tenterhooks after the bloodied match up.

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