WWE Crown Jewel 2023 predictions: 5 possible finishes to Cody Rhodes vs Damian Priest match

Cody Rhodes and Damian Priest are two big names going around running riots in the industry while both of them have shown some tremendous rivalry along the way that tells you the kind of ferocity that they bring to the table. With all said and done, both of them can wreak absolute havoc and lay waste in their wake.

With the singles’ match lined up between both of them where they will be colliding with each other at the Crown Jewel, this is going to be an intriguing contest where there is an array of finishes that can take place. Here are five possible finishes to the mouth-watering clash of these two juggernauts of the industry right now.

#1 Cody Rhodes beats Damian Priest clean

Cody Rhodes has an upper hand in the entire fight and he lays Damian Priest to waste with his signature fighting skills where he pins him down without any external interferences. He ensures the fact that despite the hellish war between the two, Cody brings out the nightmare in him and the Archer of Infamy actually bows down to the terror.


#2 Damian Priest inflicts a severe beatdown on Cody Rhodes and win the match-up

Damian Priest will be getting the better of Cody Rhodes in the battle for sure but this match-up can also be the statement that they are looking forward to. Priest will ensure the fact that he is not letting Cody breathe and make him count the beatdown to pieces. With so much of pain and humiliation, Cody can also get a bit of a hiatus.

#3 Cody pins Damian and then Rhea Ripley and Dom Dom abandons him

With a solo fight in the mix, it is always intriguing to see how the factions stay in one’s corner. Cody Rhodes may pin Damian Priest but the actual story lies in what happens to the faction and the obvious answer is Rhea and Dom Dom chooses to leave his side and make a new Judgment Day where JD McDonagh takes his place.

#4 JD McDonaugh costs Damian Priest the match-up

McDonagh may try and help Damian Priest and in the process end up costing him the title. With so much to lose and even the position at the top of the Judgment Day at stake, Priest may have to let things go, which includes his shot at glory and also Rhea’s side, thereby cuing in the fall of the famed Judgment Day.


#5 Priest beats Cody Rhodes and announces himself as the head of the Judgment Day

Priest gets the better of Rhodes and thereby calls himself the pinnacle of JD McDonagh. It has been a while since he has been managing the faction and Rhea has been taking the credit but it’s time that the Archer of Infamy took his own credits and what better way to announce his arrival to the mix than to beat Cody Rhodes first.

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