WWE Crown Jewel 2023 predictions: 3 things that could happen if LA Knight beats Roman Reigns

As a part of a major push, LA Knight has been awarded a title shot at the grand prize, i.e. the undisputed WWE championship and to be honest, even though it looks like that he is somewhat destined to lose because the Bloodline story is still to continue and LA Knight somehow looks oddly out of shape in terms of the plot.

However, when it comes to WWE’s creative section, Roman Reigns have found himself at the receiving end of some serious discontent and this may be a possible reason to give LA Knight a victory. Here are three things that can happen LA Knight wins at Crown Jewel.

#1 The storyline for Bloodline continues with renewed interest

Bloodline has now been a blunt enterprise and unless there is something new which is being added, people are pretty tired with the unfurlings. A victory for LA Knight will renew the interest in the storyline and will give them something to look forward to.


#2 Damian Priest may cash in on LA Knight or Roman Reigns

With Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre making it big for the title, if LA Knight wins the championship from Roman Reigns, we may witness Damian Priest cashing in on LA Knight because that makes it slightly easier for him than beating two visionaries of the craft.

#3 The Flip between the Bloodline members

It has been a while since Solo and Roman have been fighting on thin lines and all it needs is one attack from Roman or may be a fragility in his armour. That is exactly where the victory for LA Knight may come in. It would allow Solo Sikoa to believe that he is siding with the wrong man and it is time that he chooses wisely, eventually leading to the rift in the Bloodline and a new storyline being forged.


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