WWE Crown Jewel 2023 predictions: 3 things that could happen if Drew McIntyre beats Seth Rollins

One of the most important match-ups that is all set to unfurl at the WWE Crown Jewel is that of Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Now the speculations are through the roofs that who is going to win this match up.

To be honest, this is one of those rare occasions when two faces are meeting which can work in two occasions, one of them being a blockbuster while the other being an absolute disaster. With all said and done, here are three things that can happen if Drew McIntyre wins the title from Seth Rollins.

#1 Damian Priest cashes in and forms a new storyline with both Seth and Drew McIntyre

Drew may win the title for sure but all of it would be coming after taking a beating. With all said and done, once Drew wins the title, the Archer of Infamy will be making his way to the center and get the referee to cash in and secure the title which will set him on a warpath with both Drew and Seth.


#2 Seth Rollins will get a heel turn

After losing the title, Seth Rollins will head down the path of madness to replicate the gimmick of his former Shield member, Dean Ambrose. He will eventually turn heel and start attacking Drew time and time again unless the job of reclaiming the title is done (let this be a story for another series).

#3 Shinsuke Nakamura will come out and attack Seth Rollins

As Drew McIntyre will be walking away with the title, this will be the best shot for Nakamura to get vengeance for the earlier beatdown that he received at the hands of Seth Rollins in the last man standing match-up. Hence Nakamura will be darting in with the beast’s fire in his eyes and inflict a severe beatdown on Seth.


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