WWE Crown Jewel 2022 Predictions: Dutch Mantell Predicts Who Will Win Roman Reigns Vs Logan Paul Match

WWE veteran Dutch Mantell joins the list of people predicting the who will win Roman Reigns vs Logan Paul match at Crown Jewel 2022. He believes that it will be a one-sided contest. Furthermore, Logan Paul doesn’t stand a chance of beating Roman Reigns according to him.

The global phenomenon of sports entertainment sent shock waves announcing this unexpected clash for the main event at WWE Crown Jewel. At first, fans perceived it to be a lackluster feud with this being Logan Paul’s third match in the WWE. Moreover, many believed that there won’t be any buzz surrounding this build-up.

However, all those apprehensions have fizzled out with their excellent heated exchanges and shots were taken at each other. Furthermore, Logan Paul’s excellent mic work and charisma to tackle the numbers game of The Bloodline have made the audience tune in to the shows every week.


Mantell appeared on the latest episode of Sportskeeda Wrestling’s SmackTalk, stating that Reigns will defeat Logan Paul. He further said that WWE should not worry about the internet star’s reception in Saudi Arabia due to his worldwide fame. Moreover, many top officials in Saudi were behind this match decision, seeing Paul as a mega-star:

“He’s not gonna defeat Roman Reigns. And I see Roman beating him, that’s what I see, and then big schmaltz, and we go from there. But I think it’s great to put him there at the Saudi Arabia event because it’s different.”


Why Roman Reigns will be the one who will win vs Logan Paul at Crown Jewel

The match itself has turned heads around due to being a highly unique showdown planned for a premium live event like Crown Jewel. Reigns, riding the wave of success with his 2-year reign taking on the newcomer Logan Paul who has only stepped inside the ring twice.

The event will take place on November 5 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia at Mrsool Park. It should not be a surprise if Dutch Mantell’s prediction is proved right.


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