​WWE Clash At The Castle 2022 Rumors: Disappointing Update On Roman Reigns’ Future As World Champion

On Friday Night Smackdown it wasn’t just Roman Reigns who returned to the show after a thumping victory over the Beast Incarnate at the Summerslam. Another big name was back and back with a bang as Karrion Kross took down Drew McIntyre and glared at the mighty Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns, hinting at a major slugfest in the making. Now, it seems like we have some WWE Clash at the Castle 2022 rumors.


The Tribal Chief defended his titles successfully at the Summerslam as he stood over a motionless Brock Lesnar in a Last-Man Standing match with help from the Usos and a timely intervention of Paul Heyman who copped a F5 through the table, that would provide the necessary time to Reigns in bringing Lesnar down.

Reigns and McIntyre are slated to face each other at the Clash at the Castle that will be happening in September. The head of the Bloodline, wanted to share his piece of mind with the Scottish Warrior before the duo went all out at Cardiff.


Recent backstage reports give an update on WWE Clash at the Castle 2022 rumors

Much to everyone’s surprise, it was Karrion Kross who would return and attack McIntyre from nowhere and then as a warning, his partner, Scarlett will be placing the hourglass in the ring, that would typically be a warning against the Tribal Chief, hinting at the everlasting maxim that his time is running out.

As per Fightful Select’s report, the administration wanted a title to be on Raw as Reigns make guest appearances on the Monday night show. Given the return of Kross, he can be the one to walk away with the title and feature on Monday Night Raw, the very move that the authority seems to be aiming at. There is also a possibility of Roman defending his titles twice at Clash at the Castle or having a triple threat match for one of the two titles.


It will be exciting to see what happens on next week’s SmackDown. One thing is for sure, the Triple H era in WWE promises to be an unpredictable one.


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