WWE Clash at the Castle 2022 Predictions: Who Will Win Gunther vs Sheamus Match?

Ladies and gentlemen, the stage is set! In what’s been a dream match for many, Sheamus will take on GUNTHER at WWE Clash at the Castle on September 3. Sheamus earned a shot at the Intercontinental Championship, this week on SmackDown. He beat the likes of Ricochet, Happy Corbin, etc in a Fatal 5-Way match. Fans are now wondering who will win Gunther vs Sheamus match?

Fans have been clamoring for a showdown between Sheamus and GUNTHER ever since the latter signed with WWE. Both are known for working a bit stiff, and thus the match will be a hard-hitting affair. Not to mention that Sheamus’ pale white body would be like a canvas for GUNTHER’s brutal chops.

Early prediction hints who will win Gunther vs Sheamus match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

However, the question stands- who wins? Sheamus has accomplished almost everything that can be, in WWE. The keyword here is almost. He has win the MITB briefcase, won a Royal Rumble, multiple time world champion, and United States champion as well. In addition to this, Sheamus also won the tag-team championships, his most memorable being with Cesaro as ‘The Bar’.However, Sheamus is yet to win the Intercontinental Championship in his career. Winning it would complete his WWE grand slam of championships. He’s a WWE veteran who is incredibly underrated by the fans.


On the other hand, GUNTHER is someone who made his name on the independent scene as one of the best big men to ever do it. He was phenomenal in NXT UK, and recently debuted on the main roster. GUNTHER enjoys the full backing of the office, even when Vince McMahon was in charge. He had to change his iconic ring name and theme song , but rolled with the punches. GUNTHER got into phenomenal shape, and was rewarded by WWE for it. He became the Intercontinental champion in mere weeks after debuting on SmackDown. He would probably be the top heel on the show if it weren’t for Roman Reigns.

Sheamus is someone who won’t have to worry about his spot in the company. He is a dependable person, and especially great friends with Triple H. However, it’s not his time to shine. The main roster audience is slowly getting to know who GUNTHER is, and him losing vs Sheamus would undo all the work they’ve done with him.

Prediction: GUNTHER will go over Sheamus in a hard hitting match.


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