WWE Clash At The Castle 2022 Predictions: 5 Superstars Who Could Beat Theory And Become New Mr. MITB

One of the significant WWE Superstars to rise up the ranks during Vince McMahon’s leadership era was Austin Theory, known as Theory. The young upstart was pushed to the moon by Vinnie Mac as he saw Theory relatively as a younger version of his former golden boy, John Cena. The push was cemented with a run as the WWE United States Champion and his victory in this year’s Money in the Bank Ladder match.

As a new regime led by WWE Hall of Famer Triple H takes over the creative control, there has been a debate whether Theory would be lost in the shuffle due to his recent absence from Monday Night RAW. With the fans turning on the young Superstar and making it clear they don’t want to see him on top, it could even lead to Theory potentially losing his Money in the Bank briefcase to these 5 potential WWE Superstars:

1. Dolph Ziggler could defeat Theory


A former Mr. Money in the Bank in his own right, Dolph Ziggler recently crossed paths with Theory who also made his return after weeks of absence berating The Showoff for having a failed career leading up to a match later that night which Theory won cleanly. Ziggler could potentially retaliate to the loss with a rematch
persuading Theory to put his briefcase on the line and snatching his golden ticket to the World Championship.

2. Cody Rhodes would be a great choice to beat Theory

The night Cody Rhodes left the WWE due to his shoulder injury; he expressed his desire to participate in the Money in the Bank ladder to claim the opportunistic briefcase. However, the severity of his injury did not clear him for the match. But somewhere down the line, Rhodes could fulfill that after returning from injury and potentially challenge Theory if he is still holding the contract by then for the MITB briefcase.

3. Karrion Kross is a wildcard pick to beat Theory

As everything seems to be good as new under Hunter’s leadership, one of his pet projects could be given a major push to the top and one of those candidates could be Karrion Kross. A monumental force perceived by many to be a future world champion due to his exceptionally well run in NXT, Kross could be Triple H’s top star much like how Theory was for Vince McMahon leading to Kross dethroning him for the Money in the Bank briefcase.


4. Drew McIntyre


Another Superstar who was heading into the Money in the Bank Ladder match as a favorite to win the namesake briefcase was the Scottish Warrior Drew McIntyre. Although it was Theory who ultimately reigned supreme that night, a scenario could see Drew failing yet again to capture the Undisputed Championship at WWE Clash at the Castle.

Frustrated over his lack of big wins, Drew could challenge Theory for the briefcase putting his career on the line. The match finish could finally see McIntyre coming out on top with a Claymore Kick and clutching the MITB opportunity in his grasp.

5. Gunther

The current WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther could be in line for a major push on the main roster with his impressive title run, completely redefined image, and newly chiseled physique. Another Superstar built under Triple H’s former NXT brand, beating Theory in a high-stakes encounter and earning the MITB briefcase could be the perfect opportunity for the Ring General to ascend to the top of the WWE mountain.


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