WWE Clash at the Castle 2022 Predictions: 3 Reasons Why Shayna Baszler Should Win The WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship

Shayna Baszler recently earned a shot at the SmackDown Women’s Championship. The ‘Queen of Spades’ is currently enjoying a push, thanks to Triple H’s rise to the top of creative. Thus it is quite possible that she dethrones Liv Morgan at WWE Clash At The Castle on September 3. Here are 3 reasons why this could be the right choice.

1. The crowd is turning on Liv Morgan

Liv Morgan received one of the biggest pops at Money in the Bank after she cashed in her contract on Ronda Rousey. However things took an unfortunate turn for her at SummerSlam. Morgan beat Ronda Rousey in controversial fashion. She tapped to Rousey’s armbar just seconds after she pinned Ronda.


Generally, babyfaces don’t tap out to submissions easily. As a result, she came off as an ‘undeserving champion’. The crowd at SmackDown booes Morgan when she came to the ring for a promo. For an underdog babyface, this isn’t a good sign. WWE would like to get the title off of her before the crowd fully turns on one of their few organic babyfaces.

2. Shayna Baszler is a great choice

Shayna Baszler is a great wrestler with a no-nonsense character. The Queen of Spades was a dominant NXT Women’s Champion. Although she is a part of the ‘4 Horsewomen’ of MMA, she is the best worker out of those four. Triple H is aware of her potential, and he could decide to put the title on her.

3. Setting the stage for Rousey vs Baszler

Two of the most popular members of the ‘4 HW of MMA’ going against each other for the world championship is interesting to say the least. It has been made clear that Ronda Rousey is going after the title she thinks she lost unfairly. On the other hand, Shayna Baszler is a monster heel with a great chance to beat Liv Morgan. A heel champion in Baszler vs the anti hero Ronda Rousey has the potential to do tremendous business.


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