WWE Clash At The Castle 2022 News: Will Tyson Fury Wrestle On The UK PPV?

The Former WBC Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the world, The Gypsy King himself, Tyson Fury will be present at ringside in Cardiff during WWE Clash At The Castle 2022. And this has come from the GOAT’s mouth himself.

He has had an old association with WWE and has appeared for the sports entertainment juggernaut multiple times in the past even as a competitor. He had defeated the Monster Among Men Braun Strowman via count out at the Crown Jewel Event in Saudi Arabia.

Later, he teamed up with Strowman on an episode of SmackDown emanating from Manchester to defeat the B-Team of Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel. Fury has talked about competing in WWE but those aspirations were put to rest, owing to his busy boxing schedule.



Reportedly, he won’t be getting involved in any in ring action this time as he won’t be risking any injury because he has shown interest in still competing as a boxer.

Will Tyson Fury interfere in Roman Reigns vs Drew McIntyre match?

Even the challenger to the Undisputed titles, Drew McIntyre himself wanted to compete against Fury earlier at Cardiff after the latter’s last heavyweight fight but got involved in a title feud with Roman Reigns.

In an interview with Sky Sports, McIntyre wanted Fury to call him after his recent fight:


“All I’ll say to Tyson is, Don’t screw it up! Don’t screw it up. Get through this fight, win it, and then give us a call. We’ll figure out if it can happen in Cardiff,” 

But the Scottish Warrior has a bigger target today as he has the daunting task of dethroning the Head of the Table. He has the support of his home fans, and the Cardiff crowd may just get behind him enough to accomplish the impossible.

Drew will definitely come face to face with the towering pugilist who will be ringside, but it remains to be seen how he will react.


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