WWE Clash At The Castle 2022 Match Card: 5 Potential Finishes For Roman Reigns Vs Drew McIntyre

Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre are set to headline WWE’s first Premium live event in nearly three decades, WWE Clash at the Castle 2022 match card with the Undisputed WWE Universal championship at stake. The Tribal Chief and the Scottish Warrior have crossed paths once during a Champion vs Champion at Survivor Series 2021 with Reigns standing tall during that encounter in a controversial manner.

With the highly anticipated showdown between two of the biggest WWE Superstars of this generation only three weeks away, here is a look at 5 potential finishes for the main event of WWE Clash at the Castle taking place in Cardiff, Wales at the Millennium Stadium:

1. The Era of Reigns continues on WWE Clash at the Castle 2022 match card

For nearly two years, The Head of the Table Roman Reigns has been on the top of the WWE mountain with the Undisputed Championship firmly in his grasp. Whether it could be some questionable tactics or his in-ring dominance, the WWE Universe in Cardiff could bear witness to the Tribal Chief putting down Drew McIntyre to retain his championships and have the U.K audience ‘Acknowledge’ him.


2. Moment of Glory for Drew McIntyre on WWE Clash at the Castle 2022 match 

Despite being a former two-time WWE Champion, The Scottish Warrior Drew McIntyre has never tasted the big win moment in front of a live audience. Walking into perhaps the biggest match of his career as a massive fan favorite with the British crowd firmly behind Angela’s Protector, the stakes could not be any higher for Drew McIntyre.

A match between two of the best Superstars of the active roster could see McIntyre deliver that one final Claymore Kick to Reigns and pinning his shoulders to the mat to claim his long-awaited moment of winning a major championship match to the ovation of the entire WWE Universe.

3. Fall and Prey on the match

Karrion Kross made his shocking return to the WWE alongside Scarlett Bordeaux and immediately inserted himself in the ongoing rivalry between Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre making his intentions clear that he has set his eyes on the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship and this could become the deciding factor for the finish of the main event at Clash at the Castle.


Frustrated over being left out of the match, Kross could run interference into the match destroying both Reigns and McIntyre leaving one of the biggest matches in WWE history without a decisive winner.

4. Roman Reigns loses one of the titles on WWE Clash at the Castle 2022 match card 

According to various reports, the USA network is keen on featuring a top-tier championship regularly on Monday Night RAW due to Reigns’s limited appearances ever since Wrestlemania 38. The start of the match could see Roman’s special counsel Paul Heyman returning to look over the match contract and extracting a certain clause that allowed Reigns to defend only one championship at the match. This could take one of the titles off The Tribal Chief while giving Drew his moment of glory.

5. Two Fall title match

The most logical booking for the main event could see the insertion of Karrion Kross into the match making it a two-fall triple threat match with the first fall for the WWE title and the second fall for the WWE Universal title. Drew or Kross could secure the first pinfall over each other while Reigns could end the match with an earth-shattering spear to retain his Universal Championship.


This could be the most compelling way to give one superstar a major title win while retaining Roman’s lengthy reign and dominant undefeated presence built over the course of nearly two years.

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