WWE Clash At The Castle 2022 Date: At What Time Will The UK PPV Start In Australia and Canada?

All eyes in the wrestling world are set on the arrival of WWE’s first-ever Premium live event in the United Kingdom, WWE Clash at the Castle. This would be the company’s first major stadium show in the U.K since SummerSlam 1992, a classic mega show featuring several WWE Legends and Hall of Famers and main evented by the blockbuster match pitting Bret Hart against his own brother-in-law British Bulldog for the WWE Intercontinental Championship.


WWE Clash at the Castle will feature the top talent of the company competing in high-profile wrestling matches at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, Wales on September 3.

While the last major show was headlined by Bret and Davey Boy (Two of the best Superstars of their era), Clash at the Castle would follow similar suit being headlined by two of the top main event Superstars of this generation, with the current Undisputed WWE Universal Champion the Head of the Table Roman Reigns defending his titles against the No.1 contender and massive fan favorite Drew McIntyre.


WWE’s recent shift of telecasting its live events on a Saturday instead of the traditional Sunday event after Nick Khan’s creative input has been appreciated by fans from all over the world to enjoy their favorite WWE pay-per-views on their day off. However, time zone differences have been one of the major reasons for WWE not being able to do multiple live events outside the USA.

What is the start time for WWE Clash at the Castle in the United States?

WWE Clash at the Castle start time in the United States is 1 PM ET/10 AM PT as opposed to its regular pay-per-view show timing of 7 PM or 8 PM ET while the home audience of the United Kingdom can enjoy the experience of this show at 6:00 PM Local time.

What is the start time for WWE Clash at the Castle in Canada and Australia?

Other prominent countries which are important strategic markets for the WWE can also watch the premium show according to their time zones.


WWE Clash at the Castle’s start time in Australia will be September 4, 3:00 AM and September 3, 1:00 PM for Canada.

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