WrestleMania 39 Predictions: 3 Possible Finishes To Edge Vs Finn Balor Match

Edge vs Finn Balor will take place at WrestleMania 39 inside Hell in a Cell. This is one of the matches that is being highly talked about as Finn Balor and Edge have rekindled an old rivalry, and now it would meet its culmination at the biggest sports entertainment event of all time.

In a feud that dates back almost to a year where Edge was driven away from the faction that he created called the Judgment Day, the R-Rated superstar came out to confront the ones who took over and eventually started wreaking havoc, tarnishing the idea that Edge had envisioned for the faction. Here are 3 possible outcomes of the battle between Edge and Finn Balor.

#1 Finn Balor wins and leaves the Judgment Day (thinking that the Demon is good alone)

Finn Balor himself is obviously one of the finest athletes in the current wrestling roster but Edge has invoked Demon Finn Balor, an alter ego of the Judgment Day member that is still to know defeat in the ring.


The match would be an intense affair considering both of them are almost unstoppable forces but Finn wins as the Demon, he may opt to walk out of the Judgment Day, believing that being a part of a mere faction is just inhibiting his true persona, the Demon.

#2 Edge vs Finn Balor ends in Demon’s favor as The Judgment Day interferes

After a topsy-turvy battle, Edge may be outnumbered by the Judgment Day whose primary objective is to inflict pain on the R-Rated superstar and if they are able to do that inside Hell in a Cell, they would probably not try and hold back. Just as the bell rings and Edge finds himself surrounded by The Judgment Day, Beth Phoenix rushes to make a save, takes out Dom, Balor and goes face to face with Rhea Ripley.

#3 Gangrel helps Edge win vs Finn Balor

It is highly likely that Gangrel would be a part of the battle where he would try and battle it out with Finn Balor alongside Edge. Most likely, Gangrel would win the match for Edge and help the WWE Hall of Famer finally put an end to his long rivalry with Balor.


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