“Will prefer winning an Ashes series in England over winning a World Cup,” Marnus Labuschagne reveals his ultimate cricketing dream

Marnus Labuschagne was a part of the Australian squad which had drawn an Ashes series in England in 2019

The Australian top order batsman Marnus Labuschagne has said that he would prefer winning an Ashes series in England over winning a World Cup. Labuschagne was recently in a conversation with news9 and he was asked to answer the questions in a rapid fire round.


When Labuschagne was given two options, a World Cup triumph or an Ashes triumph, and was asked to pick one, he had no hesitation in picking the Ashes, but he added that he would want to win the Ashes series on English soil, as he has already won one on the home soil in Australia.

Labuschagne had risen to prominence during the Ashes series of 2019 when he had walked in as a concussion substitute in one of the test matches, with Jofra Archer being in the middle of a fiery spell. The courage and the determination Labuschagne showed against Jofra during that innings got his test career going.


Performance in Ashes 2019 earned Marnus Labuschagne a permanent spot in Australia’s test XI

Marnus Labuschagne, thereafter, retained his spot in Australia’s playing XI when the Kangaroos got back home and turned up with their full strength side during their home summer against Pakistan. Labuschagne is now the no. 1 test batsman in the world, however he is yet to score a test hundred in either England or India.

Australia has to tour both England and India for two hugely important test series next year. When Labuschagne was asked in the same rapid fire round if he would prefer a test hundred in India or a test hundred in England, he had to think for a little while, but he eventually went with a test hundred in England.


India is an even tougher place for any overseas batsman to score a hundred because of the turning decks and the quality of the Indian spinners, but Labuschagne’s answer was probably influenced by the arch cricketing rivalry that exists between England and Australia in test cricket.


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