Why WWE needs to find a Championship run for Shinsuke Nakamura and why do they need to do it ASAP?

Shinsuke Nakamura has always been rated very highly in terms of his wrestling flair. However, the recent creative that has so far been written for him is begging all the wrong questions. Somehow the King hasn’t really got anything to show for in the recent past and if WWE wants to keep him delivering, they will need to come up with better storylines.

In one of the house shows recently, it was seen how Cody Rhodes made fun of the King. He has been on a string of defeats and his appearances in the industry are sparse enough. So what is happening with Shinsuke? The answer is lack of proper creative.

One of the major problems for Nakamura is that somehow his promo-cutting skills haven’t been at par with his wrestling flair. He may be a brilliant entertainer and an even better wrestler but in WWE to continue a storyline, to showcase and highlight the rivalry, it is important that you keep the words coming because without words, the entertainment will never see the light of the day.


This is exactly where WWE can use a manager for Shinsuke. We have seen Brock Lesnar having Paul Heyman before and maybe this is time that WWE comes up with someone who can talk and build a storyline for Nakamura. Firstly, that long hiatus in between with no reports of an injury was already dampening enough.

If he is not finding a way to redemption or at least a title run, what is the point of such an incredible wrestler. Also, somehow WWE is kind of bored with that heel run of his and this is exactly what has to stop. Maybe give him a face turn or at least give him the role of the anti-hero. With all the superstars like Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, AJ Styles and the bigger names getting a shot at glory if WWE isn’t treating Nakamura right, you never know what follows.


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