​Why did Sasha Banks leave WWE?

Sasha Banks has been a reckoning force in the history of the WWE Divas for quite a while before she would finally call it a day to trade herself to the New Japan Pro Wrestling promotion. However, what exactly did go downtown between the individual and the monster of entertainment wrestling?

Mercedes Mone who used the ring name of Sasha Banks in WWE, eventually chose to walk out of the company after her creative differences with the organization. Despite the growing plaudits for WWE’s creative team under the chaperonage of Triple H, Sasha Banks felt that she would have made an amazing addition out of the WWE roster.

Speaking at Planet Comicon this weekend, Sasha said:


“As I’m growing in my career, I’d been in the WWE for almost ten years. I had to have a change. I had to feel something different in my heart and my soul. I had to go after a whole new dream and a whole new chapter and a whole new destiny for me, and this is what I wanted for me.”

Here is why Sasha Banks couldn’t extend her contract at the WWE

Going by the report of Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, Banks and Naomi did come to a transience about returning to the industry after Triple H took over the reins of the company in the capacity of a creative head.

Later going by the reports of Fightful Select, it was mentioned that Sasha Banks’ contract had already run out and she was already being approached by the likes of different wrestling promotions since January 1st of 2023.


As per Dave Meltzer, the main reason of Sasha’s departure was the argument on her renumeration. She wanted a similar renumeration as that of Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair but WWE denied to pay her that much. Eventually with the differences taking the front seat, after leaving WWE, Banks joined Wrestle Kingdom as she made her first appearance as Mercedes Mone.

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