Why did Dean Ambrose leave WWE?

Jon Moxley, formerly known as Dean Ambrose in the WWE, has been unorthodox and unhinged for the majority of his career. Today, the mecca of unscripted violence has become a mainstay in All Elite Wrestling (AEW). However, his exit from WWE was a story of its own and we will dive into the situation to explore it.

Dean Ambrose made his professional wrestling debut in 2004. He began his career wrestling for various independent promotions until 2011. It was then, that he was signed to WWE’s then developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW). The brand was then rechristened into WWE NXT and Ambrose was paired with Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. The young prospects collectively came to be known as ‘The Shield.’

The Shield made their debut at Survivor Series 2012. The first sight of the group was an indication that all three stars were destined for success. Even after the group disbanded in 2014, the three superstars went their separate routes and became bonafide main event stars. However, we don’t see the three Shield members together on the same television wrestling program nowadays.


Complete breakdown of Dean Ambrose’s exit from the WWE

While Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns continue to be a part of WWE, Dean Ambrose (now known as Jon Moxley) left the company in 2019. He went to sign with Tony Khan’s AEW a few months later. Moxley revealed on Talk is Jericho in 2019 citing disagreements with former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.


The former Dean Ambrose did not like promo pitch from Vince regarding his storyline with Roman Reigns. Nevertheless, he went on to do it. The Lunatic Fringe started hating Vince’s writing and once got into a big argument with him. Moxley has did not like the words given to him in WWE scripts believing that the company was in the PG era and he had to keep the violence level down.

Moreover, Jon Moxley also revealed one of the biggest differences was more creative freedom granted by AEW. Unlike WWE, AEW did not have writers and producers and relayed on their wrestlers and officials to work on segments. Today, Jon Moxley reigns over the AEW as a 3-time AEW World Champion. He recently lost his championship to MJF at AEW Full Gear.



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