​Why did Chris Jericho leave WWE?

Chris Jericho has been one of the biggest names in WWE and ask for a heel who would frequently dominate the colours of the ring with his own aggression, you won’t find a better name than that of Y2J. However, his sailing with WWE didn’t really pan out as you would have wanted it to as it kept on starting and stopping, leaving a lot of questions on the horizon.

It is not just once that he left WWE behind to pursue different avenues, but it was a recurrent theme in his WWE span. In 2005, Chris Jericho left WWE for the first time, and it was probably just on a whim that didn’t really have any ground reality.

He felt that he was out of favour with wrestling and more importantly WWE was not liking his wrestling style either. Hence, he chose to pursue music through Fozzy, his band.


Here is why Chris Jericho and WWE parted ways for the final time

In 2010, he was once again trysting dangerously with wrestling and eventually with fading matches, he would come to another halt as Randy Orton would beat him to put a halt to his wrestling career.

Despite returning to wrestling back in 2012, he once again left the industry due to his band, Fozzy, eventually making a few significant strides after years of toil that made Y2J let go of his passion for wrestling.

He would then make part-time appearances for WWE till 2016 owing to his touring with the band but once he returned to the industry post 2016, he would go all guns blazing with stars like AJ Styles, Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens.


However, his rivalry with Kevin Owens could have been a game-changer for WWE but they failed to get the rivalry in shape and eventually Jericho would bid adieu to World Wrestling Entertainment once and for all. He would first step into NJPW before finally finding a home in All Elite Wrestling.

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