Why Dave Meltzer is completely losing it off late?

Dave Meltzer has been one of the most renowned wrestling journalists and writer of all time. His information has been often valued at face value and the man’s insights are deemed as something next to gold amongst the pro-wrestling community.

However, something somewhere is going terribly wrong for the veteran as his latest predictions are way off-chart and somehow his insights feel a lot more vindictive than the impartiality that a true seasoned campaigner of words should contain.

Let’s take a deep dive into a few of his recent remarks which somehow came nowhere close to what the fans or WWE is thinking. A few days ago, Meltzer said that Triple H is about to be removed from the company because the Rock will actually be the final boss.


However, ever since WrestleMania XL has come to an end, Triple H is being held at an all time high and last but not the least, even after Cody secured the championship, he called out Hunter for his incredible organization of the Show of Immortals.

Not only was it the American Nightmare who had called out Triple H for his brilliance but the entire WWE Universe believes that the industry is headed towards newer heights and it is Paul Levesque who is making the wonders happen.

Dave Meltzer needs to adapt shortly enough

Let’s shuffle to another incident. This was of R-Truth. Currently, Ron Killins who is popularly known as R-Truth has become the heartthrob of WWE and is also one half of the tag-team champions alongside the Miz. He has infused comedy and pro-wrestling in the same breath and he is doing an incredible job.


The fans love him, the experts love him and Triple H loves him. Somehow Dave doesn’t. He felt that Truth is just clueless about what he is doing (which is actually the entire point of the gimmick), his humour is blunt and he makes no sense.

One of the major reasons why Dave is off the radar recently is because WWE is walking an entirely new direction and that somehow is very unpredictable. Like the way they brought to life Seth’s comment of “I’ll be your shield”, that is just mind-blowing. Here is where Dave will have to adapt. WWE has taken a new flight and it is no longer the tales of face and heel.


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