Who Will Be The First Opponent Of Bray Wyatt After His Return At WWE Extreme Rules 2022?

The mystery of the White Rabbit QR code has finally been unveiled. As expected, it was none other than the Eater of Worlds Bray Wyatt. So, the next question is who will be the first Opponent of Bray Wyatt after his return?

For weeks and weeks, WWE Universe was completely jumbled with cryptic hints and clips. This caught the attention of WWE fans intrigued by this ongoing mystery. Furthermore, the last dropped tip pointed toward its reveal at WWE Extreme Rules.

As the show came to a close, the lights went out and we heard a familiar song and saw some familiar characters after a long while. These were Wyatt’s Firefly Fun House characters and then emerging from the shadows of darkness was the face of Fear. Bray Wyatt’s resurgence sent shockwaves across the entire world watching. Furthermore, it has indicated that he is in store for a massive push under Triple H’s regime.


As the dark days approach with Wyatt’s massive return, here are the top 5 Bray Wyatt matches that should happen in his second run:

1. Will Karrion Kross be the first opponent of Bray Wyatt after his WWE return?

When u put two sadistic individuals in a wrestling match, all hell is bound to let loose. The sinister Wyatt could meet his match against unorthodox Karrion Kross in a one-on-one showdown. The two masters of the mind games can display a stellar build-up and even exciting match. Wyatt vs Kross is bound to be one of the instant classics in the WWE in the future.


2. Drew McIntyre

The Scottish Warrior Drew McIntyre could have one of the most amazing matches with Bray Wyatt. With McIntyre coming off two huge losses on pay-per-view, a feud with Wyatt can be his rejuvenation. Wyatt has never stepped in the ring with Drew in the past. So this first-time-ever showdown between two marquee stars would be a highly anticipated match in the WWE.

3. Edge

We all know that WWE Hall of Famer Edge has a dark side. Moreover, any threatening situation can force the Rated-R Superstar to go to the depths of hell to resurrect the darkness. That looming threat could be in the form of Bray Wyatt. The Face of Fear battling the Inferno King side of Edge in a battle of two terrorizing forces is a 5-star match in its own right.

4. Bobby Lashley

Bray Wyatt has reemerged back to the WWE with a purpose. That purpose could be to rise above the top of the WWE landscape. His path of ascension could go through taking his first piece of gold. This could lead Wyatt to target the current WWE United States Champion Bobby Lashley. The Almighty is yet to face a dark force of mind games and manipulation like Wyatt. So a match between Lashley vs Wyatt for the first time ever will absolutely turn eyeballs and prove to be an exciting in-ring encounter.


5. Roman Reigns


The one match that eluded Bray Wyatt before his surprise exit from the WWE was surely against The One. Although Roman Reigns and Wyatt have battled each other in the past, it won’t be the same this time. Reigns arguably have become the biggest star of this generation ever since he turned heel at WWE SummerSlam 2020. Coincidentally, it was the same event Wyatt won the WWE Universal Championship not before being attacked by a returning Roman Reigns. Wyatt and Reigns never crossed paths till the time he was in the WWE before his release in 2021.

But with the Eater of Worlds finally coming back, a title match against the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns seems inevitable and is just a matter of time.


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