Who Was Alexa Bliss’ Celebrity Crush?

Alexa Bliss is a superstar who has tagged the hearts of a whole generation of fans. They have a cult like following for the Five Feet of Fury and are willing to go beyond their means to defend their Goddess. Just try dissing her online and prepare for their wrath.

They operate multiple fan pages dedicated to her on various social media platforms and you can find rare and old school pics of her on them which we’re sure, even she doesn’t remember clicking. Because she commands such popularity, every little update from her becomes news for them.

A few years back she had revealed the name of her celebrity crush growing up during a small backstage segment called WWE Pop Question (1:05 – 1:15).


She revealed her celebrity crush to be none other than Titanic star Leonardo DiCaprio.  She also disclosed that she was a member of his Lovin’ Leo fan club and even had a membership card with her photo next to Leo’s.

It’s quite natural for her to be a Leonardo fan girl, being a 90s kid (she was born in 1991). DiCaprio had achieved massive stardom and mass following across the world from his blockbuster movie Titanic that released in 1997. With his childlike chocolate boy looks, he had instantly become the heartthrob of little girls across the planet, including the 6-year-old, little Miss Bliss.


Whom is Alexa Bliss married to?

But that’s not the only celebrity crush she had, which is common for everyone. She has revealed in another interview that Lance Bass of *NSYNC was another major crush of hers.

She actually had him on her Uncool With Alexa Bliss podcast and narrated her experience of shouting “I Love You” at him at his concert and him not responding back. Taylor Hanson was another crush of hers, who she has had on the podcast. But her first crush has to be Leo.

She got married to musician Ryan Cabrera this year, breaking the hearts of many fans who had crushes on her.


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